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  • JimPCL


    Great script, looks very professional. Easy to install. Instructions were clear. Look forward to seeing more.

# RW Commander
- Xm8 App that provides many unique and useful features for the player (Remote Control, Nameable Objects (Doors/Gates/Cams), Remote CCTV, NotePad and more).
- The features are listed below with some more explanation and there is also a Video at the end.

# General

- Uses the Exile Vanilla XM8 system.
- Compatible if you use InfistarXm8 Apps and/or Exad.
- Easily configurable via settings file in your missionfile with many optional and balance settings (Cooldowns, objects to remote control, max distances etc).

#Map additions
- Focuses the map on the player on first time opening a map after logging in.
- Persistent vehicle marker for a single vehicle with icon.
- Base marker.

# Remote Status/control
- Info about the base (protection amount,parts/limit,damaged parts, cctv cameras, generator status, damaged parts, territory age etc).
- Remote control CCTV, Generator and Doors/Gates/Windows (With keypad and raidmode check).
- Nameable doors/gates/windows.
- Nameable CCTV's cameras.
- CCTV Camera orientation is saved on server restart and loaded again after the restart.

# Notepad
- Write and save notes inside the Xm8 (Up to 10 pages).
- Share feature: Share the notes with other players.
- Data is saved locally in your Arma 3 player profile.

# Additional
- Ability to override a button on the frontpage of the Xm8 (Mobile or K/D) for quick access (Optional).
- Ability to add your own custom apps to the commander (10 possible additional apps).
- Option to turn off all map & player built lights on server start.
- Generator script replacement (Set classnames of the lights to turn on/off if the generator is used).
- Vehicle status app replacement.
- Toggle buttons for Chat, Statusbar and the ExileHUD.
- Free Icons Download (Google Drive)

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